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How oliver-project Began

Driven to Make a Difference

Oliver-project has come a long way since 2 years ago. What started as merely an idea, led to a business plan, which developed into an online business serving customers in Singapore and around the world.

Our drive and will to achieve positive change have allowed us to grow into the successful Eco-Friendly Product Store we are today. It’s not just about offering environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, we strive to inform and inspire the global community to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

Oliver is our second baby boy. Like every other parent, we love our children a great deal and always dream a better future for them. Oliver loves to play with wooden toys, run around in the parks, and touch everything his mind curious about.

We dream that our child will grow up in a greener, cleaner, and healthier environment. It also means we have to do something about it. So, we start doing something small like saving paper, reduce plastic waste, re-use and recycle most of our household items, etc. But that is not enough. We want to do something more, and we know we can do something more. We dig in and learn more about environment, how to create an impact in saving the earth, how to encourage more people be more e-co conscious. And one day, Oliver’s Project idea is in place.

We want to run a business that have a positive change in our society, our lifestyles and benefits people within the cycle of business.

Till today, I am still not an expert in environmental and sustainable field. What I wish to do is simple: save the earth waste, create meaningful work and life for the people I’m working with, be nice and friendly to environment, and last but not least, provide my kids a better future.

What we do?

For the past 2 year, our team has learned and worked closely with local farmers and craftsmen in Vietnam to create a circle of social entrepreneurship. We educated the workshops we work with to only use the sustainable, ethic and legal source of materials. We encourage and try to change the way how the farmer work. We connected the farmer and manufacturer and show them the meaningful of our work at Oliver’s Project. Then from there, we offer a range of products that are affordable to customer, so that they can afford to live a e-co friendly lifestyle like they wanted to.

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